Hello, I first bought your gluten free muesli yesterday. Dinner last night & brekky this morn.. yummo. Today I’m going back to buy it all to give as Christmas presents. Cannot think of a better gift. Thank you.

  • Kristina

WOW! Just tasted your roasted maple syrup almonds. Perfect combination of roast and sweetness! Had to look up your website for GF muesli. Loved the website! Look forward to trying the cereal.

  • Leonie

I hope your 2012 has started off with a bang. I just wanted to say thank-you, your products are delightful. The maple roasted almonds were AMAZING, I appreciate you giving me that wonderful treat…. I won’t even get started on your granuesli. It was gone in two days.

  • Jessica

Just wanted to say that I recently had the pleasure in trying your freestyle granuesli! It’s great! Great trade mark also. I happen to be a Trade Marks Attorney and adore funky new names, brands and products. Kindest regards

  • Fi

I absolutely adore your products, I met you and your husband briefly at the Organic Trade Show in Darling Harbour last year. My dad and I went home with some Granuesli and were blown away, I’ve been meaning to purchase some of the gluten free version for my mother but I’m fairly far from your stockists. Will you be selling any at the show?

  • Ellen

Hi, I just wanted to say a big congratulations to the unexpected guest guys and girls for creating such a wonderful organic product, I was so pleased to discover such a fantastic local and organic product. Keep up the good work, I will be sure to spread to word about you products when I return home to the Far South Coast :-). Cheers

  • Maggie

Hi, first of all congratulations, love what you make! I’m a happy consumer of your products and was wondering if you make and sell bigger packages, especially of my favorite “thank goodness it’s gluten free” as I can find only the 400g version in the shelves at the moment. Thank you for the attention and keep up the good work, have a great day.

  • Susi QLD

Hi there, would just like to pass on that I soooooo love this product. It is the best! Kind Regards

  • Chris

Have just sampled your products this morning and must have them in our store ASAP!! Unbelievably GREAT!! We would love to be a proud supporter of your company. Can we start with a case of the freestyle 500g and a case of the gluten-freestyle 400g. Please let me know your payment details. Have a fabulous day.

  • Amanda

Love your granuesli. Thank you!! Please sign me up.

  • Jude

Firstly, I would like to say that your gluten free cereal is the nicest on the market. Some taste so horrible they are difficult to eat. I have only recently found out I am sensitive to gluten so am trying to cut it out of my diet which is proving to be very difficult as it seems to be in everything!

  • Monique

Guys I’ve just had my first experience of you Organic Muesli with a sprinkle of your Organic Granuesli on top, it’s the best I’ve tasted. Bloody lovely. Fantastic product.

  • Jamie

Oh my god, your breakfast is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! I’m serious. I thought I should wait until Monday to email you but I cannot wait because Iove just had it for my dinner (well, small dinner). I got home in the afternoon from the expo and felt so hungry. I was curious about your breakfast so I had only few bites and thought ooh my…. Then after my shower, I couldn’t help myself- looking at it in my kitchen bench but this time I had it with milk. You are right, it is amazingly delicious.

  • Honey

For me the experience of the Unexpected Guest Granuesli begins as soon as I open the packet. Vanilla and cinnamon are evocative of homeliness and goodness. Savoring these flavors while enjoying the crunch and chewiness of the Granuesli with fresh fruit and either milk or yoghurt is a pleasure enjoyed in the morning for breakfast or during the day as a healthy, delicious snack. I love the texture that the seeds and oats give it and the huge chunks of nuts are a great surprise when crunched unexpectedly. There is a sense of fullness but never discomfort that I have often found with other grain based cereals.

  • Tatyana

Hi, we are an organic cleaning company and absolutely LOVE the Toasted Muesli, only problem we have been so busy and have not been able to purchase!!!! Need to remedy this situation as we LOVE this muesli and well, the others just don’t cut it!

  • Man

Recently, as the unexpected guest at a dinner party, I thought of you and your amazing muesli. I just ran out..where are your outlets so I can buy some more please!!!

  • Lisa

Love your product! Off the top of my head I think it’s called Granuesli. It gives me enough energy to keep me going from 5:45am to 12pm!! No exaggeration it really works 🙂

  • Joseph

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know how great your products are. I work at Derek Symonds Health Centre at Miami Qld and as Nutritionist’s we are always looking for quality products to recommend to our patients. I thought I would share a recipe I have created that is another great way of using your products.

  • Anne

I had some freestyle granuesli at 4.30am this morning with some beautiful organic locally grown coffee and I’m still not hungry. Go freestyle granuesli!!

  • Mike

Where can I get some more of those “Maple Roasted Almonds” that I bought from the Organic Expo??? I love them…and so did everyone that I shared them with!!!

  • Cherie


  • fred

Hi there, would just like to pass on that I soooooo love this product. It is the best! Kind Regards

  • Man

Ever since I stumbled upon The Unexpected Guest’s freestyle granuesli in the organic food section of IGA 4 months ago, I haven’t looked back. This has remained a staple breakfast product in my pantry at home and my work drawer as it is the perfect condiment to well.. EVERYTHING! I toss it in with with oats, fruit, Greek yoghurt and I’ve even been guilty of eating it straight from the bag because it’s just too darn delicious. I wish more people knew about this product so they could experience the delight I feel when I dig into this after my morning workout as the ultimate reward. Also need to mention that Adam and Juniper are so incredibly lovely and genuine. Thanks for the amazing brekky and customer service!

  • Laura

I’m going through a nightmare time with unexplained chronic inflammation in the duodenum and no relief from doctors or naturopaths – I feel life extremely hard as most foods cause pain. However joy or joy when I discovered your gluten free cereal. It is not the fact that it is just gluten free, but that it does not contain all the other grains that give me pain, with the added bonus that it tastes sooooooooo good – THANKS A MILLION!

  • Suzanne

Thanks for your quick reply I recently bought the granuesli at Wray Organics at Broadbeach while on holiday at the Gold Coast it is the best cereal I have ever eaten in my life big thumbs up the the company that make it as I have tried many.

  • Wendy

Ate this while visiting OZ…the best!!! and a little bit addictive; breakfast, snack, pre bed …boo hoo, I can’t get it in Hawaii.

  • Linda Honolulu

Who did the styling and copywriting and photography for the unexpected guest website – its awesome!!

  • Jacqueline

I cant stop eating your muesli, snacking all day I fill my pocket up with it. My wife who is sick to death of chewy horrid muesli is like me cant stop eating it! Thank you for producing such a tasty yummy food. When you have started an on line shop can you send me an email please as I think I need to buy in bulk.

  • Gary