Our Story

Wambool Dreaming Pty Ltd t/a The Unexpected Guest is a 100% First Nations
owned business, my name is Jenny Khan and I am a proud Ngiyampaa Wailwan
woman from Central West NSW.

The word Wambool is the Wiradjuri word for the Macquarie River in NSW and this
is the place I spent most of my time as a child fishing for the beautiful yellow belly
and freshwater cod. Increasingly due to food allergies, our home pantry was
changing to include more organic unrefined products.

Wambool Dreaming Pty Ltd was established in 2013 and we came to the
unexpected guest in 2016 due to the quality of the ACO certified products and
realizing we could have the best granola on the market. The name reflected how
we lived our lives at home; we must always make a place at our table for the
unexpected guest.

Our logo is the kangaroo paw with the dots representing the Wambool
(Macquarie river) and the artist is my cousin and Ngiyampaa Wailwan man, Mark

Our goal is to produce high-quality breakfast cereals and grab and go snacks with
Australian Indigenous ingredients.

We are a Supply Nation certified Indigenous business.